Oracle EBS 销售订单(Sales Order)流程

Responsibility: Manufacturing and Distribution manager
1 . Create Sales Order
(N)Order Management->Orders, Returns->Sales Orders
Status: Entered

2. (Optional)Book Sales Order
(N)Order Management->Orders, Returns->Sales Orders
(B)Book Order
Status: Awaiting Shipping

3. (Optional)Schedule Sales Orders
(N)Order Management->Orders, Returns->Sales Orders->(Tab)Line Items
(N)Order Management->Orders, Returns->Schedule Order

4. (Optional)Reserve Sales Orders
(N)Order Management->Orders, Returns->Sales Orders->(Tab)Line Items
(N)Inventory->On-hand, Availability->Reservations

5. Release Sales Order
(N)Order Management->Shipping->Release Sales orders->Release Sales orders
(B)Execute Now
Notice: Set the following options as below. If set as “Yes”, needn’t execute step 6 and 7
Autocreate Delivery->No
Auto Pick Confirm->No
Status: Released to Warehouse
Get the Move order number from (N)Order Management->Shipping->Transaction->(T)Lines/LPN->(Field)Move Order Number

6. Allocate and Transact Move Orders
(N)Inventory->Move Orders->Transact Move Orders
Status: Staged/Pick Confirmed

7. Create Delivery
(N)Order Management->Shipping->Transactions->(T)Lines/LPN
(B)AutoCreate Delivery->Go
Status: Staged/Pick Confirmed

8. Pick Confirm
(N)Order Management->Shipping->Transactions->(T) Delivery
(B)Ship Confirm
Status: Shipped

9. (Optional)Sometimes, need do this step
(N)Order Management->Shipping->Transactions->(T)Path by trip
(B)Ship Confirm
Status: Shipped

切换到Order management Super User,
10. Run report
(N)Reports, Requests->Run Request->Workflow Background process
Parameters: OM order line, Yes, yes
Status: Interfaced

11. Run AutoInvoice
Report name: AutoInvoice Master Program
Invoice Source: Order Entry
Default Date: Today
Sales Order number
Status: Closed

内部销售订单(internal sales order)的流程:
1. Create a new internal requisition
type:Internal Requisition

2. Create internal orders
(N)Purchasing->Request->New Request->Create Internal Orders

3. Order import
(N)Order Management->Orders, Returns->Import Orders->Order import request
Order Source: Internal
Order Reference: <Requsition number>

完成后通过查询获得Sales Order的编号,在按照普通的销售订单的流程继续.